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You Are The Music In Me

High School Musical 2

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
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tono: F
C - Bb - F - Bb
Na na na na 
Na na na na yeah 
You are the music in me 
You know the words "Once Upon A Time" 
Make you listen? There's a reason. 

When you dream there's a chance you'll find 
A little laughter or a happy ever after 

Am - Em - F - Am 

Your harmony to the melody 
It's echoing inside my head 

F - Em - Am 

A single voice |Single voice| 
Above the noise 


And like a common thread 
Hmm, you're pulling me 


C - Bb - F - Bb
When I hear my favorite song 
I know that we belong 
Oh, you are the music in me      

Yeah it's living in all of us 
And it's brought us here because 
Because you are the music in me 

C - Bb - F - Bb

Na na na na |Oh!| 
Na na na na na 
Yeah yeah yeah |Na na na na|
You are the music in me 

F - C - Bb - F 

It's like I knew you before we met |before we met| 
Can't explain it |Oh! oh!| 
There's no name for it |no name for it| 

I'm saying words I never said 
And it was easy |So easy|
Because you see the real me |I see| 

Am - Em - F - Am

As I am 
You understand 

F - Em - Am 
And that's more than I've ever known 
To hear your voice |Hear your voice| 

Em - F

Above the noise  |Oh! Oh!|
And no, I'm not alone 
Oh you're singing to me - oh yeah!


C - F - C - Bb

Together we're gonna sing |yeah| 
We got the power to sing what we feel |what we feel| 
Connected and real 
Can't keep it all inside |Oh!|

C - Bb - F - Bb - Até o fim!

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