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Honky Tonk Heart

Highway 101

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
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tono: C
       C       F    C                         F     C   
Well I met you in a bar and you looked like a movie star 
        G                       C 
When we touched, I could feel a spark 
      C         F       C                          F    C 
I was young and foolish too, my friends warned me about you 
        G                         C  
But I believed in your honky tonk heart 

    C       Bb             C 
Our song of love is almost ended 
      F                 G 
I can feel us driftin' apart 
C               F   
I won't play 2nd fiddle 
       G                       C  
To the beat of your honky tonk heart  
Well we used to feel the same but now one of us has changed 
Oh the night life isn't my life anymore 
What matters most to me is a home and a family 
But you can't find that behind those swingin' doors 
Composición de Jim Photoglo
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