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He Hit Me


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he hit me(and it felt like a kiss)
written by carole king

okay, i haven't got this fully figured out but this might give you an idea.
if anyone can do better, please let me know because i love this song.


repeat this for the intro and most of the verses, sliding from a powerchord
G to an A and then back to a G etc.

verse     Am-C-G 


he hit me and it felt like a kiss
he hit me but it didn't hurt me
he couldn't stand to hear me say
that i'd been with someone new
and when i told him
i had been untrue

he hit me and it felt like a kiss 
he hit me and i knew he loved me
cause if he didn't care for me
i could have never made him mad
he hit me and i was glad

baby won't you stay?
baby won't you stay?

he hit me and it felt like a kiss
he hit me and i knew i loved him
cause when he took me in his arms
with all the tenderness there is
he hit me
he made me his

baby won't you stay.......

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