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The Magic

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My seams are breaking
It’s not as fun as it sounds
I’ve got a whole world inside me
Begging to come out

I'm tired of waking
Only to numb back down
Playing hide and seek with all my dreams
They’ll never find me now

Imagine the magic that might be under the madness
Between the mundane automatic and silicone sadness
Oh can you imagine the magic?

When you close your eyes
Somewhere are you still alive
Or do you feel, do you feel like you’re dead inside?
When you close your eyes
Somehow does it your heart beat
Or are you lost like me?
When you close your eyes

Can you imagine the magic
That might be under the madness?

What if I'm empty
What if there’s nothing left
Don’t want to know the answer
Would rather stay here anyway
So I pretend like it’s all I got
While the hurricane inside my skin threatens that it’s not

Bigger than we even know
Brighter than we’re letting on
We don’t like to let it show
Can’t hold back forever though

Composición de Ariel Bloomer
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Bianca Regina
  • Raphael Kiel

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