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Season Of Smiles




It's Christmas and you're feeling down
I'm gonna pass the smile around
It's gonna bring me closer to you

One smile will take away your frown
One smile will turn your day around
This season, there's no time to be blue

Don't forget to wear a smile
You'll never know who's smiling back at you

Every time I see you
I hear there's something that'll make you smile
So kiss me if you want to
Don't you worry if we're apart
I hope this season
Will be a reason enough to make you smile

This Christmas, if you're all alone
One smile will make you feel at home
I wanna bring you closer to me

One smile will make the season shine
This time, I wanna make you mine
I wanna spend this season with you

[Repeat REFRAIN]
[Repeat CHORUS]

Every time I see you

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  • Bruno Ramos

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