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Still Love You (feat. Tiny Tempah)

Jay Sean

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You don't know how i feel anymore
So much time has gone
Now here you are and here I am
On this floor

Since you walked away from me girl
You had me feeling lonely
But if i cant even talk to you girl
Would you act like you dont know me?

So I'm thinking what would happen if I
Was your man again just for the night
I'd hold you close and you close your eyes
And we're dancing till the end of the night
Oh I wish he knew that i...

I still love you [x8]
da da da da da da da

(Tiny Tempah)

I wanna ask why your breaking my heart for
When i see you grazing the dance floor
You're amazing I can't flaw
So fly, no need for a passport
Speechless to the point that i can't talk
Cause the way that your using your curves
Is hot hot hot hot
Wait a minute let me loosen my shirt
Let me prove it can work
And when i see you move in a skirt
I realize how much i miss you baby
Lately my senses have been driving me crazy
You can text me and tell me you hate me
But watching you dance has made me realize

I still love you [x8]

da dada da da da da da da da da

(jay sean)
I can't lie I've been dying to meet
You for a while i dying to speak
Wondering where you been
Such a long time since you walked and you left the scene
Three years and carat too
I've been around the world no one could amount to you
Other girls may come and go but my heart won't move on
Guess they don't compare to you
Why'd you tell me that the promises that you made me
Plans and memories that won't fade baby
This is when you tell me you love me and hate me
I can't hold it down thinkin of it baby

(Tiny Tempah)
Let's start where our relationship left us
Girl come a little closer
Lets touch (lets touch) headrush
And i can't get you out my head cause

I still love you [x8]

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