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Until Yesterday

Jc Chasez

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

I found a letter on my dresser last night
About a baby on the way
Made me suspicious of another guy 'cause
You couldn't tell me to my face
And so I ask to find out if I was right
That's when your eyes filled up with rage
Now nine months go by the baby's not my blood type
Look at the mess you've made

You know I loved you so much
You know I'd never hurt you

But if you play with fire
Then you'll get burned
When will you learn?
Now it's your turn

Remember all the lies you sold me
Made me feel so sad and lonely
Now your fairytales unfolding
With nothing left to say
'Cause I loved you all the way
Until yesterday
Until yesterday

Well can you help me understand?
Why you would keep me while you sexin' with another man
Or was it just a one-night stand
Or was it something far more grand than what we had
'Cause you know I loved you so much
I know your daddy taught you that you better

Composição de JC Chasez
Colaboración y revision:
  • Luísa Padilha
  • Fabiola Sampaio

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