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Something's Gotta GIve

Joel & Luke

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Verse 1,
Something's gotta give
Something always becomes the prey
Of who we are and how we live each day

Something's gonna give
Something never will be the same
But we won't know if we do not change

Pre Chorus 1,
And we don't know
What's round the bend
And it can't be planned for

I cannot see why your dying inside of in me
Why everything is colliding in-front of me

Now something's gotta give
Something's gotta give
What will it be
What will it be

Verse 2,
Someone's gotta give
Someone's gotta love in a way
That never ends, that is new everyday

Cause everyday we live
Everyday we're one step away
From what we fear
And what we cannot change

Pre Chorus 2,
And we don't know
What's round the bend
I'm starting to realize

Now it's time
To rearrange
But how has it all got to this place

Now it's time
To make a change
That takes me to another place

Life is about relationships
But is so near to/And what we don't want to say

After the change when ? rearrange
We rearrange and everything will change

Climbing to get where we never can ever be

I cannot find what the truth of this life should be
I cannot hide that I'm

Wrestling to find what the truth of this life should be
Fighting the times wrestling inside of me

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Otros videos de esta canción
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