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On the Road

Les Respectables

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Well praise the lord
Here i go again
Goodbye love, goodbye old friends
I'll be back someday
With a million tales to tell
Wish I could stay
Wish I could find a place to do well
But I'm on the road again

I am on the road again (3x)
Places come and go
On the course of the highway
And the winds taht blow
Surely will point me to the right way
With every mile I cross
I get a better understanding
Of everything I touch
As I enter the horizon
Yeah I'm on the road again…

I am on the road again (3x)

Got to, got to keep on movin'

By train, by plane, by automobile
Gotta find my way
Gotta get my thrill (2x)

Hey, alright
As I head but for the highway
Can't help but wonder
Will things be the same
When I come back home ...
comme on babe (3x)
I wanna.....

i wanna take you on an overdrive
I gotta make you see (2x)

I wanna take you on the road again

I am on the road again (4x)

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