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Unchain Your Love

Les Respectables

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

The beast is gone
Fear no more
The black corridors

Be born
Be born again
Flames are burning
Burn, burn with them

Unchain your love (4x)

And extract the poison
They inserted in yours vains

The moon is high
Up in the sky
The night is dark
No man can see

The crazy horse is running babe
Don't you wanna ride it babe
The ship of fools is sailing away
Don't you wanna come with me

Unchain your love (3x)

Let me show you how it's done
It's so damn easy if you try

Don't you think you need somebody
Don't you think you need someone
We all need
A little shelter babe
Open you heart
Open you yourself
Spread you wings
And fly

Unchain your love (6x)
Unchain your love (4x)
Unchain it babe (4x)
Unchain it (7x)
Unchain your love

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