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Can't Go Like That

Lil Durk

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Uh, I can't go like that
No, uh, ah, uh, no, I can't go like that
No, I can't go like that
Uh, brr-ah, no

I can't go like that
Got a couple thou' then I get a couple shooters
For a couple thou', man, my niggas'll shoot you
Nigga like me, I can't go like that
Nigga like me, I can't go like that
Thousand dollar shoes that I put on my feet
These niggas, they bitches, they ain't really from the streets
These bitches love money and you niggas real cheap
Nigga like me, I can't go like that

Everyday not everday, my little niggas'll rob you
Playin' both sides then you get hit with that chopper
All these niggas claimin' that they really in the field
Where I'm from in the field, you gettin' killed
Put ten on a lawyer on the first
I'ma make that money back on a verse
Bitches last, money second, family first (otf)
Act a ass in that jag', I'm the worst
And I'm like tony in my city
Put drug money way before these bitches
Same niggas cookin' chickens turnin' it to pigeons
Well me and you, I can tell you want the difference

If I wife a bitch, man, she better be a rider
Cause the feds watchin', buildin' cases, got us tied up
For a couple bricks you'll get you hit or get you tied up
Only the family in my eyes, you can't divide us
Got some old heads tellin' me right
You say I'm snitchin', you just gamblin' with your life
No baseball, my hitters goin' to strike
The d-line open all night
Friends, I don't do that shit
If I fuck her, my squad, they goin' to own that bitch
I'm gettin' money, that mean my niggas rich
Still on the block, that mean I'm nigga rich

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