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Movie Star

Espen Lind

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I shouldn't be here now, you know
This is not allowed
Someone's bound to see me here
Somebody's gonna find out

I don't wear my heart on my sleeve
And you hardly know who I am
Who knows just what this could have been
It was over before it began

If there was a film playing in my heart
Then you'd have been a movie star
Nobody else could have played your part
No, you'd have been a movie star
That's what you are

I know how it works, I'll let it go
I'll let you drift out of my life
Too many things to take a chance on
Too much to sacrifice

But I thank you for all you've been
However little it may seem
Believe me girl, it's no small deed
To raise a has-been's self esteem


No big silver screen
No award winning scene
Just a bittersweet ending to what might have been

So I'll let myself out and I'll lock the door
I'm throwing away the key
Nothing is left but the memory
It'll always belong to me
It'll always belong to me

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