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Money Honey

Little Richard

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You know, the landlord rang my front door bell.
I let it ring for a long, long spell.
I went to the window,
I peeped through the blind,
And asked him to tell me what was on his mind.
He said,

"Money, honey, a-huh-huh
Money, honey.
Money, honey, if you wanna get along with me."

Well, I screamed and I hollered,
I was so hard-pressed.
I called the woman that I loved the best.
I finally got my baby 'bout half past three,
She said I'd like to know whatcha want with me.
I said,


Well, I said "Tell me baby, what's wrong with you?
From this day on our romance is through?"
I said "Tell me baby, face to face
How could another man take my place?"
She said


Well, I've learned my lesson and now I know
The sun may shine and the winds may blow.
The women may come and the women may go,
But before I say "I love you so"
I want


Composición de Jesse Stone
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Lidiane Gomes

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