Cifra Club

On My Hip

Lloyd Banks

Aún no tenemos el cifrado de esta canción.

Yeah this right here is a unit thing
Which mean if you're hater
You probably won't understand or appeciate

A hood nigga commin up new year anotha truck
Nah i ain't worry about them runnin up
I got heat on my hip that takes stomach up
I got heat on my hip jump if you want to jump
I'm chipped up fresh 2 death
Six up nothin' less if you wonder if i'm hungry yes
I got heat on my hip no lil' wheels i got...
23's on my shit chick who you runnin wit

[verse 1:]
Uh, move let a player pass
They i made it fast
I hit the gas & throw cash on that hater ass
See you later lame
I can't be late again
They rolled the red carpet out for me to make it rain
Wood green cadilliac lil' niggas mad at that
Brought ice grill it don't matter black
I got heat on my hip i'll bag yo bitch, fuck her,
Then i
Fall asleep on that bitch
And in the morning back to makin' money
That money don't make itself
You can robbed you killed, you steal off the shelf
I'm ball like i never did
Roll up my weed & kick my feet up on leather shit


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