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Magic Of The Night


Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Since you've been gone I feel inside
The secret magic of the night
My life is burning don't ask me why
I feel the magic of the night
Secret magic of the night
Feel the magic of the night

Move Baby, take a groove, gimme
Say exercise your body and keep it physically
Me said groove with me, just make a move with me
And you are feeling vibe and pressure like electricity
Yes move to the left, to the right and me say in di...........
I need to keep your body movin you'll be much more............
Yes move to the left, to the right and .......... move your thinga
Then you shout and........ said me "Abracadabra !"

Feel real hot, I'll make you sing this song
I'll make try to make the whole people understand
We have a move as one because it's fight so strong
And I am just like a magician with the mike ina mi hand
Yes me want to see the power.......
You can slide on your move cause it is much faster
Satisfaction is for sure when we pump together
That is when........... as we shout "Abracadabra !"

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