Cifra Club

The Seasons

Loreena McKennitt

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tono: C
C  F  G  C  Em  F  G

     C                Em      Am             F
Come all you lads and lasses, all you give attention
   Dm        Am         F       G     Am   G
To these few lines I'm about to write here
     C           Em             Am                F
'Tis of the four seasons of the year that I shall mention
Dm        Em         G/B G  C
Beauty of all things doth appear

    F           G             F           G
And now you are young and all in your prosperity
     Am            F            C         G/B Am     C G
Come cheer up your hearts and revive like the spring
C           Em             Am            F
Join off in pairs like the birds in February
    Dm          Em     G        C
St. Valentine's Day it forth do bring

C  F  G  C  Em  F  G

     C      Em            Am                F
Then cometh spring, which all the land doth nourish
    Dm           Am            F      G    Am     G
The fields are beginning to be decked with green
    C                     Em           Am               F
The trees put forth their buds and the blossoms they do flourish
    Dm               Em          G/B   G        C
The tender blades of corn on the earth could be seen

          F              G            F      G
Don't you see the little lambs by the dams a-playing?
    Am        F       C      G/B   Am     C G C
The cuckoo is singing in the shady grove
                     Em             Am              F
The flowers they are springing, the maids they go a-Maying
   Dm        Em          G      C
In love, all hearts seem now to move

C  F  G  C  Em  F  G

     C      Em               Am             F
Then cometh autumn, with the sun so hot and piercing
    Dm             Am             F   G       Am   G
The sportsman goes forth with his dog and his gun
   C              Em            Am                F
To fetch down the woodcock, the partridge and the pheasant
    Dm             Em         G/B  G      C
For health and for profit, as well as for fun

  F          G                      F           G
Behold, with loaded apple trees the farmer is befriended
          Am          F               C    G/B  Am   C G
They will full up his casks that have long laid dry
    C               Em             Am             F
All nature seems so weary now, her task is nearly ended
    Dm          Em           G           C
And more of the seasons will come by and by

C  F  G  C  Em  F  G
C  F  G  C  Em  F  G

     C                    Em                Am              F
When night comes on, with song and tale, we pass the wintry hours
   Dm           Am                 F        G      Am    G
By keeping up a cheerful heart, we hope for better days
   C                Em                 Am            F
We tend the cattle, sow the seed, give work unto the ploughers
     Dm                 Em               G/B      G          C
With patience wait 'til winter yields, before the sun's fair rays

    F                  G                 F              G
And so the world goes 'round and 'round, every time and season
Am           F                 C       G/B    Am    C G
Pleasure and profit crowns the passage of the year
    C                Em               Am                F
And so through every time of life, to him who acts with reason
    Dm        Em         G      C
The beauty of all things doth appear

C  F  G  C  Em  F  G
C  F  G  C  Em  F  G
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