Cifra Club

Be Bad

Luke James

Aún no tenemos el cifrado de esta canción.

I talk that talk, I walk that walk
I come right up to you and say what's up
You tell me your name and I tell you the same
I came in alone in hopes to gain
Follow me, take my hand
I'll lead your body to the promise land
If I'm hard to read, then let me please
Help you understand just what I mean

Be bad, be bad, be bad, be bad
Don't you wanna?

Here I go, there you are
Soft and ready, to keep it on
Don't be shy, there's no lie
We can act how we like
Ain't no judging, just free loving
Baby come here, let's start cooking
Burning up, burning down
Baby come on, work it out

And be bad, and be bad, and be bad
Don't you wanna?

Here comes the 10th round
Taking out you loud
Like a good girl take it down
And get loud, we're loud
Louder and louder and louder and louder

Whoa, hey! Yeah, hey!

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