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Don't Mess With My Love


Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: A
Intro: E-A-B-A-B (pluck chord E then strum the rest)

   Verse 1:
       A (1 strum)                           B (1 strum)
     I thought you were a friend of mine but I was wrong
   A (1 strum)                 B (1 strum)
     You tried to fit into the arms where I belong
   A                    G#m       C#m
     You moved right in behind my back
     D              B
     Everyone knows friends don't do that

   Verse 2:
     A                      B
     I thought you were somebody I could trust
     A                        B
     You always said you were happy for us
     A                    G#m      C#m
     How could you go and break my heart
              D                     B
     When you knew all along he was mine from the start.

   He is everything to me
   And you know we're meant to be
           F#m         B
   He's my baby, don't mess with my love
   Take everything I own
   Ooh, just leave that boy alone
           F#m         B                          E
   He's my baby, don't mess with my, mess with my love
   A                  E-A-B
   Don't mess with my love

   Verse 3:
   A                         B
     You came right over and looked in my eyes
   A                           B
     You said the stories were rumors and lies
   A                  G#m      C#m
     I wish I could believe in you
             D                B
     But I'm sorry to say, he told me the truth

   C#m           D           A
   Friends don't do what you do
              G#                C#m
   There's no excuse, I'm so confused
   I thought you cared about me
       A          G#
   But now I see, all you care 'bout is you
   (Chorus 3x)
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Otros videos de esta canción
Composición de Guy Roche / Marion Raven / Marit Larsen / Shelly Peiken
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