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After The Flood

Maria McKee

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My folks own the land around here and this big ol' house now for some 50-odd years
We'd all seen a few rough days but I never dreamed I'd watch it all get swept away
No one knows what causes angry rain
The water rushed right through this town just like a great big train
Years of hard work and memories all floating down that river on their way out to sea

After the flood, after the flood
The land that washed away felt like my flesh and blood
I'd rather be shovelin' through the slush and mud than to leave my home where I grew up
Life goes on after the flood

(?) bar was hit pretty hard
The piano's lyin' in the street broken apart
My favorite old oak tree's rooted up, well I'll plant myself a new one after the flood


A place to call your very own means so much though it's a little soggy
After all the water's gone, I'll scrub it clean and make it home again

A natural disaster can't hold nothin' on me
They're quakin' out west and freezin' back east
So I think I'll stick around and show a little faith in a weary town


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  • Michelle Oliveira

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