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A bag of years, a cup of tears, lie in a bag
and every line on my face has a tale to tell
for, I have worn this skin I live in and so I will until I'm dying
I've had it good, had it bad, until its over
Stand if you wanna know yourself
stand if your heads with someone else
stand when you feel like making up
stand when you think you've had enough
A set of words, a busy mind lie in a bed
And everyday there is a way I've yet to walk
so many times I took for granted
when love is all I've ever wanted
to come alive, see the sights, stay up late and then its over
Stand if you love the one your with
stand when there's nothing else to give
stand, cos its all you'll ever know
stand, cos there's nowhere left to go
stand if you have something to say
stand when you need a place to stay
stand if you wanna be alone
stand anywhere where you want to
All that I am is all I'll be
When you stand as a woman or a man
Stand anywhere you know you can
stand if you want without a sound
stand when you're tired of sitting down

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