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On Your Way

Mt. Desolation

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You got love love, love running through your veins
You got love
Like a fire, fire, fire burning up your days
You got love

So when you go, go, go well won't try to make you stay
It's your life
Cos we both know, know, know this magic will slip away
If you don't fight

So I say, her you gotta go, go ahead now
You got big dreams running through your head now
You're on your way, you're on your way
Hey you gotta run like the wind now
The world's waiting, where do you begin now
You're born again today, pack up your dreams and run
You're on your way

Now where you lay, lay, lay there's nothing but empty space
And it's hard
But I feel young, young, young, and I love these summer days
And that's a start

And all the things that you fear are the same things that all we fear
The paralyse you then disappear, disappear, disappear
And all those things that you want are the same things I wanted once
You gotta have them at any cost, or all is lost, all is lost

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Otros videos de esta canción
Composición de Jesse Quin/Tim Rice-Oxley
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Jessica Ribeiro
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