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Listen To The Radio

Nanci Griffith

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I am leaving Mississippi in the evening rain
These Delta towns wear satin gowns in a high beamed frame
Loretta Lynn guides my hands through the radio
Where would I be in times like these without the songs Loretta wrote?

When you can't find a friend you've still got the radio
When you can't find a friend you've still got the radio
Radio listen to the radio
Radio listen to the radio

I left a handsome two stepped good ole boy in Tennessee
Now,he's sittin'n on the sofa, lookin' for his supper, wonderin' what's become of me
I've got a double-o-eighteen Martin guitar in the backseat of the car
Hey, I am leaving Mississippi with the radio on

There's a moon across the border in the Louisiana sky
I smell the Pontchartrain,I hear Silver Wings then, away Merle Haggard
That good ole boy will find a Band of Gold on the stereo
Hey, then my Mama's gonna call and say,"Where's she gone?"
He'll say ,"Down the road with the radio on."

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  • Diego Ritter

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