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Brave Companion Of The Road

Nanci Griffith

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Where are you going there?
With your suitcase by the back porch stairs
With my heart in your hand
In this cold December wind again
The cafes and bars are closed
The Christmas lights are veiled in snow
Tell me where are you going?
My brave companion of the road

It seems to me that you are lonelier
Than I've ever seen you be
Oh, it's plain to see
That you've gone crazier
Than you ever thought you'd be
When the lights go down
And the dance floor is empty
And the crowd is going home
I will be waiting
For my brave companion of the road

Some days come up roses
Some days just come and go
Some nights are so ruhtless
That you can't recall the day before
This love has seen better days
Than home for these holidays
Cuz this love has miles for sense of place
Oh, my brave compnaion of the road


Tell me, where are you going?
My brave companion of the road

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  • Roger moreira

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