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It's Just Another Morning Here

Nanci Griffith

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The telephone is ringin' in the middle of the night
I pull the bed clothes higher
Will it stop calling out if I turn out the light?
I'm afraid of these shadows here
Cuz my past is truly frightening
And I'm afraid of the warmth in the down
Of a feathered heart in flight

It's just another morning here (it's morning)
It's just another morning here
It's just another morning here (it's morning)
And it's a miracle what it comes around
Everday of the year

The neighbors scream and their baby cries
I'm hiding in the corner
I won't be them, pray I won't be them one day
Maybe it's just the breath of August
So hot upon my shoulders
Or the open window for the winged heart
To fly away


Repeat First Verse


Composición de Nanci Griffith
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Roger moreira

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