Cifra Club

Tecumseh Valley

Nanci Griffith

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
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tono: C
C        C  F     C
The name she gave was Caroline 
         F     F    C C
Daughter of a miner 
             F       F        Em      Am
And her ways were free and it seemed to me 
         G       G      F     F C C
The sunshine walked beside her 
       C         C F      C
She came from Spencer across the hill 
         F     F   C    C
She said her Pa had sent her 
              F       F      Em       Am
'Cause the coal was low and soon the snow 
         G         G      F    F C C
Would turn the skies to winter 
         C       C   F     C
She said she'd come to look for work 
         F    F    C   C
She was not seeking favor 
              F      F        Em     Am
For a dime a day and a place to stay 
         G        G      F      F C C
She turned those hands to labor 
          C         C      F     C
But the times were hard, Lord, and the jobs were few 
            F   F   C    C
All through Tecumseh Valley 
              F      F       Em       Am
She'd ask around, and a job she found 
          G       G       F  F C C
Tendin' bar at Gypsy Sally's 
     C        C   F      C
She saved enough to get back home 
            F     F   C    C
And spring replaced the winter 
              F     F        Em      Am
But her dreams were denied, her Pa had died 
         G      G      F    F   C C
The word come down from Spencer 
          C         C   F      C
So she turned to whorin' out on the streets 
             F      F    C   C
With all the lust inside her 
              F     F       Em       Am
And it was many a man returned again 
          G        G      F F C C
To lay himself beside her 
        C        C  F     C
They found her down beneath the stairs 
          F    F   C      C
That led to Gypsy Sally's 
              F     F       Em       Am
And in her hand when she died was a note that cried 
          G        G     F     F   C C
"Fare thee well, Tecumseh Valley". 
**instrumental verse*** 
**repeat first verse***
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