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Melody Road

Neil Diamond

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tono: Am

C               Dm       C
Melody road I'm on with you
Dm                 G
All the way to the end
C                     G       F
I know every song you lead me to
   C     F     G
Is gonna be my friend
C             Dm        C
Melody road I play all night
Dm                 G
Take my guitar and strum
C                       G         F    
Find me some words that feel just right
    C       F     G         F      C      F C
The music's gonna come from Melody Road
C7               F
Melody from the heart,
D7               G
Melody from the start,
E7                   F
Telling things will be okay
  C                       Dm
I think that I just might stay
   G7     C     F C
On Melody Road
C                  Dm    C
Melody Road, let's go a mile
Dm                      G
I'll tie on my rambling shoes
C                  G        F
Write me a song to make you smile
        C          F        G
There's no need to sing the blues,
   F      C      F C
On Melody Road
C7             F
Melodies that unfold,
D7                G
Melodies made of gold,
E7               F            
Making up songs along the way
C                         Dm
I'm thinking I just might stay
   G7     C     F C
On Melody Road

G  O is a verse 
C  Dm C 
Dm G  
C G F 
C F G 

C7                  F
Ringing out like a bell
D7                 G
Singing out I can tell
G               G7
I'm not alone
C                Dm       C
Melody Road it's you and me
Dm                G
Floating out on a dream
C                      G        F
I love every song that comes to me
       C        F         G
'Cause I know it comes to be
   F      C      F C     F      C       F C
On Melody Road,          Melody Road
F      C      F C        F      C       F C
Melody road,             Melody Road
F      C
Melody Road!
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