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Here I come
Here I come
There I go
There I go
Yeah, I'm a dreamer

You all about the money
I'm all about the dreams
All that cash talk
That don't mean a thing to me
See I don't run the streets
I don't run the hood
I'm spittin' real life
Most y'all are Hollywood
I'm comin' with a flow
That's crazy
Got your movement from the moments
Y'all play me
Trust me you don't wanna mess with me baby
I have you runnin' in circles

Here I come with a flow so fly
Lookin' at me nuts like I lost my mind
Flows so hot, when the right is mine
I ain't gonna stop, let it pass me by
You too slow gang in the rest gang
With the base, get out of the way
I don't wanna lose you but
I'm kinda in the mood to what
You thinkin' for a minute that you faster
When it comes to flow
We both know that I already passed ya
You like an apprentice in this game
I'm like the master
My lyrics are bullets, and I'm about to blast ya
Have ya
Considered the person you're dealin' with
All y'all ever talk about is how you makin' millions
See, that's the difference
Between me and you and this rap
Rather have my momma back
Than stack a hundred stacks
So I don't wanna make a scene
But, you don't know what it means to me
Grabbin' a mic has filled my dreams
This means everything to me
Basically, it's makin' me
Develop into what you see
What you see
Is all of me
Composin' around, so follow me

This is the moment of your life
You better grab it while you got the chance to
This is the moment of your life
You do what you wanna
I'mma do what I have to
Got me sayin'
And you got me sayin'
And you got me sayin'

Bob your head
Get in the zone
Yeah, give it your all
Just lose control {control echoes}
Another shot to prove all
You could exstall
That's why I stay focused and keep my heart with the Lord
Tonight's make or break
Which yours to take
A moment of destiny
A moment of pain
I'll move the pace
No time to waste
Mind the line, how to win
Let me demonstrate
Now take ambition
A moment's given
Have a heart that isn't finished
Slapped in the face
Them heartless critics
Ha, now you with me
The things you say I never do
What else will I have to put with you
Let me take you back to school
Let me show you apes a thing or two
Fight for existence like black or blue
Mind the ball game, and you'll get a clue
Head about to bust like you blew a fuse
Pay attention don't get confused
To be the best, you can never rest
So we'll call it good cause you make the rest
Yeah, my heart's full of dreams that you can't accept
Came through the side
I got nothin' left
But I'm fine
I got my pride
I got my mind
That's all I need
I'm settin' bombs
Sorry, I got my self-esteem

I'm a dreamer
Yeah I'm a dreamer yeah
Oh yeah

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