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Turn me On

Norah Jones

Acordes: Principal
reproducciones 995
Tono: A# (con acordes en la forma de G) Capo en 3ª casa
Intro:  G  C /  G  D

D      G              G7       C
Like a flower waiting to bloom like a
light bulb in a dark room I'm just sitting
     Em          Am7        D
here waiting for you to come on home and
     G     C    /G   D
turn me on
D                     G7             C
Like the desert waiting for the rain like
a school kid waiting for the spring I'm
                  Em            Am7
just sitting here waiting for you to
         D                G    C/  G
come on home and turn me on
In my poor heart it's been so dark
C                 G      B7
since you've been gone  after all you're
the one who turns me off but you're
the only one who can turn me back on
G                      G7             C
My hi-fi's awaiting for a new tune my
glass is waiting for some fresh ice cubes
G                     Em           Am7
I'm just sitting here waiting for you to
      D             G        C         G
come on home and turn me on  turn me on
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      Composición: John D. LoudermilkColaboración y revision:
      • Emanoel Carlos

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