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O Here To Stay


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Baby did you miss me?
Though things have changed,
but I'm telling you that it ain't over.
You see these feelings,
your feeling got no feet to walk away.
See I know you got him,
but it ain't no thang.
See I wrote the book,
you cant just turn the page.
But it seems to me as you look closer
that you gon' start to see it my way.

Girl he can roll with ya.
Play with ya.
I'm gonna stay with ya.
And we gon' always have our secret love.
Can't turn away,
O's here to stay.
There's no gettin' over it.
He can be with ya.
Come in with ya.
But I'm gonna leave with ya.
And we'll always have our secret love.
You ain't gon' change,
O's here to stay.
There's no gettin' over it girl.

Won't see me laughin',
'cos it ain't no game.
If I walk out the door,
you'll never be the same.
You can try if you're gonna,
stay away if you wanna.
It's a waiting game you're gonna lose.
Ain't no way I know,
but something I know,
ain't nobody do it like me.
Don't ask the question,
cos you know that the answer is me.

Repeat Chorus

Don't matter if the world stops spinning girl.
For you and me time stands still.
And I know you wont admit,
but I know it from the kiss.
We'll always be,
you and me, so you and him won't be more than just a thing.
So baby don't you doubt I'm gon' turn you out.
Go 'head look at me.
There's no gettin' over it girl.

Repeat Chorus

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