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The Age Of The Cathedrals

Bruno Pelletier

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
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tono: Am
                             THE AGE OF CATHEDRALS - Bruno Pelletier

Song from Musical Notre Dame de Paris London Cast
Tabbed by: asd20227
Tuning: Standard
Capo: 3rd (variation to 5th and 7th during the song)

Specific chords:
G     (320033)
Cmaj7 (X32000)
Fmaj7 (133210) use thumb on the lower E string
Dm7   (XX0211)

(Strum once for each chord)
Am                          Dm              
  This is a tale that takes its place. 

G                          Cmaj7 
  In Paris fair, this year of grace.

Fmaj7               Dm            
  Fourteen hundred eighty two. 

E                         Am
  A tale of lust and love so true. 

(Arpeggios onwards)
Am                     Dm7     
  We are the artists of the time, 

G                         Cmaj7
  we dream in sculpture dream in rhyme.

Fmaj7                    Dm                                
  For you we bring our world alive, 

     E                   Am
  so something will survive.


(silent)                             Dm7 G
  From nowhere came the age of the cathedrals. 

Cmaj7              Fmaj7
  The old world began.

Dm/B    E                    Am
  A new unknown thousand years.

                                         Dm7   G
  For man just has to climb up where the stars are.

Cmaj7               Fmaj7
  And live beyond life.

Dm/B        E                 Am
  Live in glass and live in stone.

Am                         Dm     
  Stone after stone, day after day.

G                           Cmaj7 
  From year to year man had his way.

Fmaj7                 Dm  
  Men had built with faith and love.

E                   Am
  These cathedrals rose above.

Am                     Dm7   
  We troubadours and poets sing.

G                       Cmaj7
  That love is all and everything.

Fmaj7                    Dm      
  We promise you, all human kind.
    E                 Am
  Tomorrow will be fine.

Repeat Refrain

(change from capo 3 to capo 5 during the silence in the coming line)

Repeat Refrain 

(change from capo 5 to capo 7 during the silence in the coming line)

(silent)                            Dm7 G
  But it is doomed the age of the cathedrals.

  Cmaj7       Fmaj7
  Barbarians wait.

Dm/B      E              Am
  At the gates of Paris fair.

                                         Dm7 G
  Oh let them in, these pagans and these vandals.

  Cmaj7            Fmaj7
  A wise man once said.

Dm/B        E                 Am
  In two thousand, this world ends.

Dm/B        E                 Am
  In two thousand, this world ends.
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