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You know that thing on the tip of your tongue
Gotta go and search through the files
That thing you shouldn't be saying
Got one go around who you saying it for
Everyone up in arms

You must be alright
Got everything figured out
How many you've hurt along the way
And ignored
You think you're saving us all
But you're driving me away
I don't wanna be saved

See the error of your ways when the era's gone
Save your judgments 'till the mob's gone past
Save your shoulda beens from what you are
Save your opinions for anyone who asks

Save all the pretense for your show, the encore
You're putting us to sleep with all this blah blah blah
I'm here to save you from always thinking it's better before
Nearsighted by far

Adrift wherever you are
I know you see yourself as a tugboat
We're a stalled barge
You think you can save us all
I know you think you can pull us out alone
With your open arms
I see you waving me away
To another place

What if you never lived up to what you think you are
What if you've always been wishing on a dead star
What you perceived to be closed was actually ajar
Hindsight shows just how far off the mark
Building damns, drying reservoirs
What looked so close was actually quite far

Composición de Josh Klinghoffer
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Marla Samsa
  • Leonardo Lemos

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