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Steal Away


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Steal away
Go be by yourself
Whatever the cost
Don't look back this way
Behind is away
Onward up and/or down

Do you hear the solar cries
Through our burning eyes
What are you stealing from me
Give it back

Lay away
You can feel it later
I’ll be around for a while

There is no later
You'll never get it back
This time you've lost found you

What will it take for you to cry?
Burning desire
Are you stealing from me?
I’d give it all back

It gets you enraged
I feel for you if you're in arms length, ear shot
You'll get away with
Only you know where to find truth

Clouded vision for once seems clear
Wondering how you got here
If haven't been stealing from me
I have no one else to ask

Composición de Josh Klinghoffer
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Douglas Gomes

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