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I Call It It

Pull Tiger Tail

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

i call it it
i name it it
i don't assume
i don't suppose

i call it it
indifferent it
that makes us crazed
detached and alone

efficient it
i hear you say
keeps you informed
and me in the dark

i call it it
i name away
this iron design
that keeps us apart

stop all the phonecalls. i've sealed up the door
we'll have no need for haircuts and taxes no more
drill a hole in the ceiling if we need the light
i'd suggest it if i thought, if i thought you'd put up a fight

i bite my lip
and plead with it
sans hands, sans face
and sans intercourse

i look at it
i can't resist
repeat these words
that i've said before

i wanted what we all want when we're young
i've had responsibilities enough
instead of having doubts i can't admit
let's think of them as one and call it it

Colaboración y revision:
  • Laysla Brigatto

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