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I'm a let you talk,
I'm a let you talk when I say what
I'm saying (okay, I'm listening).
So when I come home and I'm thinking about
"Let me make sure I have food for raury to eat on",
And then you're like
"Ohh, I wanna go, I wanna do this right here", be quiet

I don't wanna hear it.
And I'm not on the fucking
Bandwagon that you want me to be
I'm supposed to jump on it, I'm in the wrong,
I got to be the negative person.
You better always remember
I'm your fucking mother,
I'm looking out for things too

But see you only see what you wanna see.
(And when you say you have to think about it)
And there is no
(When you say you have to think about it,
What really do you have to think about?
What really do you have to think about?).
I gotta think about if raury got x amount of days

Uhh, he can be at home for a couple days,
Get him a good night sleep,
Rest, he ain't get no fucking rest all damn morning like,
He up all day, he need to rest.
He still young, don't let him burn himself out.
But you don't think
I'm supposed to think about that, no you think
I'm, hey, I'm going against you.
You ain't even been home four days (alright)
I'm just saying (I know),
I'm just saying,
I, I have a right

I see what you mean, but mom, like really,
I can handle all this pressure.
I don't need to rest, this what I'm saying,
I don't need to rest.
(Oh yeah, you need to rest)

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