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Reggie And The Full Effect

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Impossible for me to explain
Do you justice and keep it restrained
It's what I need to say to you
Seems like you've broken your heart
Seems like things are falling apart
All around you

First, it's complication, now it's just too quiet
I don't know the reason, know you'll never buy it
It's hard to wait. Yeah, it's hard to wait
Next, is my frustration of why you're letting go
I'll hold you 'til it's over, so that you will know she
Feels no pain. Yeah, she feels no pain

Close your eyes and let it all go
I'll tell you when it's over and it's done
Just being here for her until she's gone

No one knows what to say
Remember when things were ok?
But it's not ok

Now's the hesitation. Did we even try?
Where are my emotions? All I do is cry
Someone please explain, someone please explain

Here's a confrontation between me and the sky
I'm screaming up to God you, you better tell me why
Is this all in vain, was this all in vain?

Close my eyes and let it all go
Someone tell me when it's over and it's done
She was everything and now everything's gone

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