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Circle Song

Roger McGuinn

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
tono: G
G               C               G  
Sometimes we´re singing and the words won´t rhyme  
                C                    D 
´cause we don´t mean these things we sing  
G             C            G  
I´ll still be waiting for another day  
                      D                  G 
When you feel it too, but it´s a game we play  
And I´ve tried to tell you for a long, long time  
That games aren't played where love is made  
And I grow so weary of this masquerade  
I´d like to hide my head and slip away  
G                      D            G 
From this never ending game that we play  
       C            D 
It´s a never ending game  
      Em        C      G         Em        C  
Going round and round, round and round and round  
Sometimes I'll see you with a blind man´s eyes  
They never borrow or repay  
And I never speak it in the light of day  
But don´t you feel it too in the game we play  
Chorus (repeat to fade)  
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