Cifra Club

When I'm Gone

Side Walk Slam

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Five days and counting down this time it's been to long (I'm homeward bound)
Everyday it's all the same, another show the same old game (this time around)
Say the words I miss you so, these days are going way too slow (I need you near)
Letters to reach you there to show you that I still care (I care)

Sad eyes hide behind these lines
The road will take us far
But not where my heart lies and
Phone calls to tell you right now
I miss you when I'm gone

Tired, broke, all days a fight I want to be home tonight (I'm homeward bound)
I'm dreaming to see your face another time another place (this time around)
To know you're there to know you care it means the world I'll show you dear (I need you near)
I'd walk these miles to see you now to hold your hand and see you smile (I care)

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