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Show You Love (Ft. Hailee Steinfeld)


Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: Cm
[Intro] F  Eb

Eb    F                 Ab
I'll do this the right way
Not gonna run away from these things 
   Bb            Ab             
I can't escape from
  Eb     F                    Ab
'Cause that's how I used to play it
Never takin' a chance
Bb               Ab
I've waited too long
Ab          Bb                        Ab
But I'mma show you right now all the love that I feel
   Eb                         Bb
Invite you inside, so you'll see that it's real
Ab                Bb
Yeah this is the moment, the second, the time
    Eb                    F
Now I'm about to lose my mind
                      C       Bb
'Cause I just wanna show you love
  G       F      
Show you love
Yeah I just wanna show you love
  Gm     Fm
Show you love
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