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Steffany Gretzinger

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: C
[Intro] F  C  Am  G

Take me back to the garden
     C       G
Lead me be back to moment I heard Your voice
Bring me back to communion
      C      G
Lead me back to the moment I saw Your face

It was all so simple
C       Am     G
It was easy to love 
No space between us
C       Am     G
It was easy to trust

C      Dm     C     F
You are closer, closer than my skin
C      Dm       C     F
You are in the air I'm breathing in
Here's is where the dead things
Come back to living
     Am      F
I feel my heart beating again
Dm       G       C
Feels so good to know You are my friend

This is the garden
    C          G
Here in the place I find you close
   F     C
This is communion
    Am         G
Here in the place I'm fully known

( Dm  C  F )

Dm        C      F
This is where I'm meant to be
Dm      C     F
Me in You and You in me
 Dm         C      F
And I don't have to prove a thing
  Dm      C     F
You've already approved of me
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Otros videos de esta canción
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