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Party At My House

Tha Dogg Pound

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Well...this is the party where the people get hardy
where the party never just don't stop.
So just clap your hands and stomp your feet,
and make your body rock.
Well....I'm D-A-Z, the MC of the night.
Came here to jam just to rock the mic.

Now gangsta don't dance, they boogie with
A little of this and a little bit of that and a fat 50 sack.

Come on and break it down. Baby girl, let me see you
do your thang.
Man I love it when the party just swang.
Shake it all around and let your boo-ty' swang.

You know there's a party goin on and my moms ain't home.
The feeling is right, we doin this all night long.

Come on make it hot.
Baby girl, won't you do your thang, make it pop.

Chorus 2x

It's a party at my house.
It's about to go...It's about to go DOWN!
It's a party at my house (It's a party at my house)
It's about to's about to go DOWN!

Stepped to the bar and ordered a drink.
Pull out my money, grab my bank.
Sat at the table and to smoke some dank.

Posted by the bar and I did my thang.
I seen this bad bad bitch so i bought her a drink,
now let's see how much ass this bitch can shake.

Now get down to the rhythm of the funky beat.

D-O double G, P-O-U-N-D,
Yeah Ima gangsta and that's all I be.
I'm gettin lucky bitches like 1,2,3.

Be sure to talk.
If she a freak then we fade tomorrow.

Yeah, since I been born, I been born to ball.
That's right, we havin a party y'all.
For all my loc's and doggs; For all my hoggs and G's,
I put the dick in the mouth.

Now that's what I'm talkin about.
*Kurupt in backround: Beitch!

Chorus 2x

Now...If you really really want it, bitch come get it.

I wanted to see if you was all down wit it.

see, i told you once and I told you twice.

Bitch, you gon' give up the pussy tonight.

D: It's D-A-Z.
K: Nigga, D-O-G.
D: The K-U-R-U-P-T.
K: Most definitely.
D: We the D-O double G.
K: Professionally.
D: In the place to be.
K: The D-P-G-C.

Now, get your freak on, freak on,
get your freak on.

Now, get your gangsta on, gangsta on,
Homie get your gangsta on.

Now get your groove on, groove on.
Groove on, groove on.

Now get yo walk on, yo walk on.
Yo walk on.

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