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Cyco-Lic-No (Bitch Azz Niggaz)

Tha Dogg Pound

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INTRO:(DAZ talking)
Back in your ass with a twenty sack.Straight up,Dogg Pound Gangstas in
effect for the 9-5 y'know?We been havin a little confrontation with a lot
of motherfuckers out there and,but y'know they just can't do the thangs
that we seem to do.And the things that we seem to do is make platinum
hits!Straight u,motherfuckers can't even fade me.

N-N-Now who the hell wanna phase me?
To make me act a complete fool lately
It's been cruel,my mentality plus don't helps me cope
With no smoke,I'm depressed and easily to provoke
..45's and Nines I'm heated,me and Kurupt puffin on a Berry all day
Repeatedly and immediately in the days we stoned and phased
In the back of the truck lies a gauge,be any buster
Acting brave,maybe I can see what no other rapper assault
With my skills to murder em all
And can't be friendly when you know I'm after ya
Got the heart to balst at'cha,matter-of-fact
To capture those who don't belong be on the strong
Gots to pack up and jet,booty rappers don't have long
Now can I get a witness?My riches attract women wit' class
That nigga Daz is about to mash all over da cash
Blast to dash,me in the getaway car now
Known rap stars turn to outlaws,wanted for the murder
Of Rudi ??? fuck y'all,Dogg Pound Gangsta click
To represent Dogg Pound to the fullest cos I'm

So when you see the D-O-double G,sleep creep low
I see through you but you can't see me
I see through you oh so clearly

N-N-Now ya escapade and ya (?beltin rave?),masqueradin
Around town like ya paid,so where's the stack?
Attract the war

Composición de Dat Nigga Daz/Kurupt/Mr. Malik/Snoop Dogg
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Carlos Coelho

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