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Caring is Creepy

The Shins

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: D
        Bm      A        G        Em
I think i'll go home and mull this over 
         D         A        G
Before i cram it down my throat 
        Bm         A              G        Em
At long last it's crashed, it's colossal mass
          D          A         G 
Has broken up into bits in my moat. 

Em        D       Em        D
Lift the mattress off the floor 
Em         D
Walk the cramps off 
     A          G
Go meander in the cold 
Em          D
Hail to your dark skin 
Em           D
Hiding the fact you're dead again 
Em      D            A           G
Undeneath the power lines seeking shade 
Far above our heads are the icy heights that contain all reason 

       Bm        A        G        Em
It's a luscious mix of words and tricks 
            D              A           G
That let us bet when you know we should fold 
      Bm      A        G       Em
On rocks i dreamt of where we'd stepped 
          D           A            G
And the whole mess of roads we're now on. 

Em         D       Em       D
Hold your glass up, hold it in 
Em         D               A             G
Never betray the way you've always known it is. 
Em         D          
One day i'll be wondering how 
Em         D        
I got so old just wondering how 
Em         D              A             G
I never got cold wearing nothing in the snow. 

This is way beyond my remote concern Of being condescending 

Bm   A      G    Em   Bm    A    G
All these squawking birds won't quit. 
Bm   A    G   Em Bm   Em    G       D
Building nothing, laying bricks.


"Hold your glass up..."
Composición de James Mercer / The Shins
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Renato Sarmento
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