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Shall We Go On

The White Buffalo

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: C
Intro: C  F  G  C

                          F         C
He brushed against her dastardly
            F        C
Son of a catastrophe
                 F             C           G
Well he shot the lights right out of her eyes
             F       C
He took her by the hand
          F           C
Helpless within his command
              F          C      G
He ripped her heart out of her chest
                C     F C G C
And put it with his

          F      C
He got a crazy heart
                  F      C
One beat from the very start
               F     C        G
He thought it only moved the blood
                F          C
She never even dreamed of love
                    F      C
Now it's rushing in like a flood
     F          C       G
No doubt that he's the one
And it's only begun

            F  C  G  C
Shall we go on
            F  C  G  C
Shall we go on

                 F        C
They got their names tattooed
             F           C
The cursive sloppy and crude
           F       C            G
His on his arm and hers on her breast
                     F        C
In a heart it reads Jolene plus Joe
                   F         C
Oh now the whole world will know
    F          C      G
No matter how near or far
They're never apart

        F                 C          G             C
Their folks say they're crazy, too young and too proud
          F              C      G          C
Well this ain't no love story, this ain't allowed
         F         C                  G               C
They say Jesus deny them, though they've done nothing wrong
          F         C           G                          C
Well they knew themselves all along, you have to just stay strong

            F  C  G  C
Shall we go on  (4x)
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    • Lucas Dondere

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