Help Me Hold On

Travis Tritt

Chords: Principal (acoustic and electric guitars)
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tone: G
G                                    C 
     Baby close that suitcase you've been packin 
     Just sit down and talk to me a while 
         Am                               C 
     I know you tried to tell me what was lackin 
           Am                               D 
     but I guess I must have missed it by a mile 
          G                                  C 
     Well this time girl I swear to you I'll listen 
      G                              C 
     help me understand where I went wrong 
          Am                          C 
     it's hard to find myself in this position 
      Am                             D 
     prayin' I'll go crazy once your gone 

Refrão -------------
     {No chord}                     C 
     Help me hold on --- to what we had 
                       Am          D        G 
     once our love was strong, it can be again 
                       G                 C 
     you said it takes two, to make love last 
                        Am       D 
     you were right all along so help me hold on
     Verse 2. 
     G | C | G | C 
     G                             C 
     What have I got do to make it better? 
     G                                 C 
     What have I got to do to make you see 
          Am                         C 
     That even though I promised you forever 
       Am                             D 
     I never knew how hard that would be 
       G                            C 
     I realize I took your love for granted 
               G                                        C 
     but I've learned that love worth havin' don't come free 
             Am                         C 
     and I'll pay any price it takes to keep you 
      Am                            D 
     satisfied and stayin here with meeeeeeeeee. 
     G | C | Am  D | G 
      G                 Am 
     You were right all along 
     So help me hold on 
     G | C | G | C 
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