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Well Hello


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Well hello, it's nice to see you again
It's been a long time ago, since we met
I can't forget, what's happened before
Still your fingertips are touching my soul
When you did come back to me
I'm sure you have changed
But I already knew before you wanna see me again
But again you know that I have changed also, also
I have changed

Well hello, it's so nice to see you too
Yes, it is a long time ago, since we met
I was very busy with myself
I have a good job and I bought a brand new car
There was less time to think about what happened before
I have so many things to do
It is very nice to see you back after all
But I think I have changed also
I have changed

Well hello, how are you?
I'm fine, thank you for asking and you, how are you?
I'm fine, by the way the weather is nice today
Well goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
Well goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
Well goodbye

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