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I'm getting fucked up I want to die
But I can't decide if it's cause I already fucking died
Fuck the police, bitch
I know my fucking lines
Lines of gunpowder
Cocaine in my bullets
Go pick a flower for a pretty bitch
I wouldn't fucking do it
Smoking on a tree
Something you already knew
Since we asking questions now
Known I don't a-fucking-prove
Huffing glue
Candlelight blue
I thought you knew

Pretty bitches with me cause I keep this shit 100
Start to flexing on these bitches then I get to busting
Sipping Robitussin with my mother fucking cousin
Got me fucked up because I do it how they doesn't
Two phone shawty with a bitch on both lines
Two hoes lonely because I never got the time
White trash out the slime
Codeine soda with the lime
On that Japanese time
When I'm smoking on the pine

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  • Davi Lisbo

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