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Rotten And Paralyzed In a Tropical Paradise


Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Fuck yall I will never switch never change
Take the gold take the cash throw it in the flames
Looking deranged walking round with a blood stain
Give me the keys to the Range or the Mustang
Drive that mother fucker off a hill and blame it all on the pain pills
No devil, no God, but the same feel
Red dot with the mod and the frame filled
$Uicide is the name of the free willed
(You know I got them)
Bitches by dozen from rapping with cousin
They say that we buzzing but I don't hear nothing
But sheep that sleep laying on the concrete
Constantly suffering
But, God, do I love it
So fuck it, I'll climb up just so I can plummet
Ashes to ashes from something to nothing
Give me the casket
I'm kicking the bucket

In my hand I got a pair of dice
They told me roll a seven
Bear in mind I want a six
I recognize that heaven's mythological
And so the pair of dice I swallowed whole
And now I got abdominal tears in spite of theological paradigms
Rotten and paralyzed in a tropical paradise
I'm about to go Fahrenheit
Bitch I'm popping a terabyte
All these parasites a problem in my logical pair of eyes
Politics opposite of innocuous
Verified in the hospital bed
My chronic is sterilized
Televise the terrifying chronicles of enterprise
Possibly is scared of heights
But the obstacle therein lies the prodigal errant fight

Colaboración y revision:
  • Yang Felix

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