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Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
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tono: C
I stayed out late last night
G                     Am7
But nothing I could drink

Could help me drink you off my mind
F                     Dm7              G
Everywhere I looked, Oooh, I saw your face
And I wonder, and I wonder
If there still might be
A little space in your heart for me
F                            Dm7
'Cause I'm so cold, I'm so alone
And I miss you, babe

So won't you come to my rescue
Shake this pain from my soul
                Dm7                     E
And take this fool back in your heart baby
          F                  G
I'll go crazy if you don't
'Cause I'm a mess here without you
Ain't no pill for this pain
So please, please come to my rescue baby
          Am       G
Make it right away

I was a fool to leave
Leave behind everything that meant everything to me
Every day and night my heart pays the price
And I'm out here, stranded out here
On this lonely road, I'm so lost won't you lead me home
I need you back, need one more chance
And I miss you, babe


I'm drowning baby
        G        F
I need you to save me, yeah
F           E          F
Don't leave me like this
Throw me a line, baby one more time

Make it right away
Baby right away
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