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12 Gauge

Vybz Kartel

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Yow Delly (eeeh)
Ah bare riffle dem dong a get kick wid. (long time)
Worse mi go get ah new ting from liquid. (wha)

[Verse 1:]
Mi have a 12 gauge wey name chesta.
Bus up yuh chess Sa.
Nozzle ah the gun alone long like a dressa.
Dis mi yuh dead Sa.
Lead inna yuh head Sa.
Borderline just get a shot. Gun. Wey. mek;
Bulletproof tun good mesh marina.
Dis Saturday night yuh must mek Sunday gleana.
If mi go jail mi no get court subpoena.
Which pussy ago come ah court pon a man like
Tesha Milla wey wi stab out yuh bladda.
Waterhouse man kill Madda and Fatha.
Mash Pen, Rivervalley step up murda saga.
Jungle mek Feds nuh stand up near the borda.
And Matches lane AK them nuh maaga.
South and Tela work hot like Movada.
Yuh back board Brackfort riffle boarda.
Common AK pull you dong like a lawda.
Vybz Kartel nuh live by nuh orda.
Park lane man them wi shot up yuh Prada.
Maypen, Jerome, adid real don dada.
Skendon remain as the fatha.
Hundred lane have a ingram wey bun like lava.
Big up Tivalley from top ten to Java.
Prezi AK bus yuh head like guava.
Delavaga that a mi bloodclaat yarda.

Mi a real badman (uknow)
Bus gun anywey mi feel like. (yeah)
Every ends haffi rate Kartel. (rrr)
Cause them know mi nuh people wid people. (u neva know)
Mi a real badman (yeah)
Bus gun anywey mi feel like (rrr)
Notice da tune yah nuh rhyme. (yeah)
Cause mi waan get my point across.

[Verse 2:]
Pateland mek the plane land.
Marky ah spray man.
Backto and Dela creek man dem nuh play man.
Village to Mackon nuh gi boy nuh black eye.
Bullet chap him up like chicken from Popeye.
Cassava piece man ah the real McCoy.
Grands pen glak bun dem up like hot oil.
Caan dis Jah Rock lane Paula dem strap eye.
Fuck when Mandeville sey ah road block eye.
Back Bush, Stand Pipe, wave unno glak eye.
Dis Warricka a pure riffle ah shot eye.
Friendship lane have gun name bye bye.
Top Range, Brandon Hill gun dem go scaldie!
Sherlock ready fi star war like Jedi.
Brook valley bus it inna face if yuh redeye.
Rasta from Judgment yard kill a Dred eye.
Dis Jungle 12 inna coffin you ah lie.


[Verse 1]


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