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No One Be Like You


Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah oh yeah
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah
No no

All of the younger … told me you had a wrote it
Mean I had to write it you see it's not you like it
Double Mg but forever green or white
My .. I represent the Asia and nobody dislike it
so I guess I'm good narrow you're my .. you're my love
and if you pop know what's up
and if you ..the rings back till they f*cked up
and nobody impressed but just .. growing up like a hater
..f*ck the last name of
And a strange that I came right
Even my critics are right
Lord I'm just rapping 'cause I gotta do it
Must tell em right 7 aleluia

Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeha oh yeah
No one no

One more night ..I'll be I made it with the micro
Go home shawty you know you .. out of here
Mama call me .. but I call it big .. and I just call it quit
The daddy call .. I just call it damn
I just call it …remember all the dough
you think in a ..narrow see .. mama beginners
that was nothing .. all the .. complex if you have it
don't even releasing the shit ..or nothing that's ..
that's what .. days, like fellow and ..these nigga ..

Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeha oh yeah
No one no

One more night ya get em higher
And when my eyes a nigga ..
God give me the gift but a ..
I'm cutting out spitting the .. it's easy to puff puff
Shut up the .. Somalia women ..I just know what you mean
I know just what you mean nigga I know what you mean ..
I'm on the less… closer than me , I'm higher
For years like .. degree
one more night and ..and if if you're proud...

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  • Diego Peroni

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